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    Players missing spring practice due to injury/surgery

    A rather long list. DL Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy WR Caleb Chapman DB Brian George DB Deuce Harmon DL Donell Harris DL McKinnley Jackson DL Adarious Jones WR Hezekiah Jones DB Jaylon Jones DB Marquis Groves-Killebrew TE Eli Stowers This raises doubt regarding Chapman ever completing a...
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    Conference Winner?

    A&M has three major questions: 1. OL - Could well see an upgrade with Johnson's departure. Can someone fill Green's shoes? Will the line gel as a unit more quickly than in 2021? 2. DL - Can the edge positions be filled adequately? Even with Peavy departing, the interior should be fine. 3. QB...
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    Aggie Quarterback?

    Going into spring drills, King has to be the favorite, with Johnson and Weigman following. If the three are in a tight race going into September, King will get the nod. His running ability will give him the edge over Johnson. And Fisher will not start a true freshman unless that true freshman...